Dude Shopping is a site we have been looking forward to launching with our client, Excellence Starts Here LLC, for quite some time. Dude Shopping is an editorial company, focused getting the news out there about trending products and things from across the web.

We were approached by CEO Benjamin Jackson for the site build when he saw some of our previous works. We were then tasked to Brand, Build, and Market the site from the ground up. With an aimed set of 10,000+ products to curate for launch, needless to say we had our hands full as a small studio.

We began by thinking a lot about what “Dude” really means. At first, we felt like Ben had landed a domain name that was priceless but very “Bro” oriented. However, after much thought and plenty of socializing, we found that any male is really a dude. Everyone says “Dude” be it nerd, skater, jock, bro, stoner, gamer – you name it. So we quickly we flew through creating a simple, manly, and modern brand. We came up with something we all really loved. Our Ointt Inc. partnered development team was efficient and reliable, making the user interface and experience process for us a breeze. Once this was coming to a wrap and development was underway, we found ourselves looking over a cliff of production. There was so much copy, a 10k+ products to curate, and clearly an absurd amount of coffee. So a special thanks to all f the A&A partners and to our production contractors who helped our small team move mountains in just a few weeks.

But we did it. See a nice shot of hard work below.

Ben has not only been a pleasure to work with, but has become a good friend through this project. He has a strong focus and is extremely hard working. With his due diligence and passion to grow his new company, we will not be surprised when Dude Shopping is getting 12.5 million clicks a month. He came to us with a brilliant idea and gave us 100% creative freedom.

“You guys have met and by far exceeded my expectations for this website. This site is far beyond what I had imagined and I am in love with it. You guys rule!”

CEO Benjamin Jackson

Arms & Anchors has helped to find and curate over 10,000+ unique and cool products from across the web. As time passes, A&A will continue to help Dude Shopping progress tweaking the interface and performance of the site. For now, we are all very pleased with the results. Click here to check it out for yourself.